Born to be a slave

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Baal lives among us. His time is our time, his world is ours as well. He lives here, he is an ordinary citizen, grey, no one ever notices him. It is good as it is, he wants it this way. But as we read the novel, some kind of dimm restlessness awakes in us, from the beginning. We soon lose our confidence, as we learn about Baal’s past. This ideal citizen appears here and there, and leaves death behind. But what he does, is not followed by investigations. These are not felonies. Baal is connected to some kind of strange powers, he gets the instructions from them. His acts sometimes might seem irrational. Other times we have the impression we know what the powers that control him are. As these powers have been here with us for thousands of years, day by day. They are parts of our lives.
But when the threads tightened and start tearing between Baal and the other world, the picture becomes blurred. Who is good and who is bad. The greatest power that moves the world is part of this story too. Who is with who in the final collision, and why? In the unravelling huge tragedy not Baal is the stake. . . but us.

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