Live My Life: Along Comes a Journalist

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What would happen if you met Mr Right just when you decided you didn’t want to go out with anyone at all?

Young, attractive, international sales rep Norah is about to find out. She genuinely doesn’t want to have a Mr Right around, just when she’s busy with lots of exciting travel around Europe. But life happens: the ugly journalist guy Simon, who was commissioned to write an article on Norah’s way of working, falls for her.

Still, Norah doesn’t have time for a relationship. Her Dad’s health is getting worse and he doesn’t care. Her friends, Sylvia and Liz have their own secrets and her lazy brother Adam is acting funny. What is he hiding? Should Norah confront him?

When Simon accidentally rides back into Norah’s life, she must make a decision. Because there is something about him that makes Norah believe he is The One.

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