Memoirs of Aaron Burr

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The grandfather of Colonel Aaron Burr,the subject of these memoirs, was a German by birth, and of noble parentage.Shortly after his arrival in North America, he settled in Fairfield,Connecticut, where he purchased a large tract of land, and reared a numerousfamily. A part of this landed estate remained in the possession of his linealdescendants until long after the revolutionary war. During Colonel Burr'stravels in Germany, in the year 1809, various communications were made tohim, orally and in writing, by different branches of the Burr family, some ofwhom were then filling high and distinguished scientific and literarystations.
His father, the Rev. Aaron Burr, wasborn in Fairfield, on the 4th day of January, 1715, and was educated at YaleCollege. In a manuscript journal which he kept, and which has been preserved,he says, "In September, 1736, with many fears and doubts about myqualifications (being under clouds with respect to my spiritual state), Ioffered myself to trials, and was approved as a candidate for the ministry.My first sermon was preached at Greenfield, and immediately after I came intothe Jerseys. I can hardly give any account why I came here. After I hadpreached for some time at Hanover, I had a call by the people of Newark; butthere was scarce any probability that I should suit their circumstances,being young in standing and trials. I accepted of their invitation, with areserve, that I did not come with any views of settling. My labours wereuniversally acceptable among them, and they manifested such great regard andlove for me, that I consented to accept of the charge of their souls.

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