My Angel?!

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Raphaela Klen does not believe but knows that God does exist. After the death of her husband and his lover the opinions about her are varied. The neighbourhood considers her a mysterious creature, who is different from the others. Impenetrable. Do angels live on the planet Earth in physical body? And if they do, what do they do here? Peter Horn is struggling with answering this question in the most difficult four months of his life, in which he can lose everything: family, love, life. But maybe it is the struggle itself that is a problem. There are questions that cannot be answered only if we can step over the limits of the laws of the mind and the physical world. This is a long road but it is hit, if we notice the signs that we placed ourselves in order to finally arrive at our long forgotten home. This is a magical story which asks questions from ourselves, confronts us, reprimands, teaches and helps us while taking us by the hand leading us through the murky maze of the intertwined domains of the physical and spiritual worlds into the unique world of the wonderful indigo children. Yet it is all about us. It is about our meetings and separations, our quests, our happy moments, our pains and our braveness.

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