On the Way to the Hungarian EU Presidency

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The volume is a publication of theEurope Strategy Research Institute of the Ludovika University of PublicService, the purpose of which is to provide an insight into the mostimportant policy issues in relation to the opportunities and challengesexpected to arise in the course of the Hungarian EU presidency in the secondhalf of 2024. The book contains 12 studies that touch on cohesion policy, theeffects of the Russian–Ukrainian war, the Hungarian family policy, theprotection of national minorities, the EU sanctions applied against Russia,the conference on the future of Europe, the rule of law proceedings againstHungary, the digital sovereignty, the EU defence policy, the European greentransition and restorative justice. The volume aims to make the role of therotating presidency of the Council of the European Union more understandableand to provide insight into the processes taking place in different policyareas, thus helping to understand the expected priorities and tasks of theHungarian presidency.

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