Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

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You must see for yourselves that itwill be difficult to follow Peter Pan's adventures unless you are familiarwith the Kensington Gardens. They are in London, where the King lives, and Iused to take David there nearly every day unless he was looking decidedlyflushed. No child has ever been in the whole of the Gardens, because it is sosoon time to turn back. The reason it is soon time to turn back is that, ifyou are as small as David, you sleep from twelve to one. If your mother wasnot so sure that you sleep from twelve to one, you could most likely see thewhole of them.
The Gardens are bounded on one side bya never-ending line of omnibuses, over which your nurse has such authoritythat if she holds up her finger to any one of them it stops immediately. Shethen crosses with you in safety to the other side. There are more gates tothe Gardens than one gate, but that is the one you go in at, and before yougo in you speak to the lady with the balloons, who sits just outside. This isas near to being inside as she may venture, because, if she were to let goher hold of the railings for one moment, the balloons would lift her up, andshe would be flown away. She sits very squat, for the balloons are alwaystugging at her, and the strain has given her quite a red face. Once she was anew one, because the old one had let go, and David was very sorry for the oldone, but as she did let go, he wished he had been there to see.

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