St. Patrick's Day, or, the scheming lieutenant

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1 Sol. I say you arewrong; we should all speak together, each for himself, and all at once, thatwe may be heard the better. 2 Sol. Right, Jack, we'llargue in platoons. 3 Sol. Ay, ay, let him have ourgrievances in a volley, and if we be to have a spokesman, there's thecorporal is the lieutenant's countryman, and knows hishumour. Flint. Let me alone for that. I served threeyears, within a bit, under his honour, in the Royal Inniskillions, and Inever will see a sweeter tempered gentleman, nor one more free with hispurse. I put a great shammock in his hat this morning, and I'll be bound forhim he'll wear it, was it as big as Steven's Green. 4Sol. I say again then you talk like youngsters, like militia striplings:there's a discipline, look'ee in all things, whereof the serjeant must be ourguide; he's a gentleman of words; he understands your foreign lingo, yourfigures, and such like auxiliaries in scoring. Confess now for a reckoning,whether in chalk or writing, ben't he your only man?

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St. Patrick's Day, or, the scheming lieutenant ekönyv adatai
egyedi szavak száma 1551
ekönyv hossza 45 oldal (A5)
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