The Duenna

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Lop. Past three o'clock!—Soh! a notable hour for one of myregular disposition, to be strolling like a bravo through the streets ofSeville! Well, of all services, to serve a young lover is the hardest.—Notthat I am an enemy to love; but my love and my master's differ strangely.—DonFerdinand is much too gallant to eat, drink, or sleep:—now my love gives mean appetite—then I am fond of dreaming of my mistress, and I love dearly totoast her.—This cannot be done without good sleep and good liquor: hence mypartiality to a feather- bed and a bottle. What a pity, now, that I have notfurther time, for reflections! but my master expects thee, honest Lopez, tosecure his retreat from Donna Clara's window, as I guess.—[Music without.]Hey! sure, I heard music! So, so! Who have we here? Oh, Don Antonio, mymaster's friend, come from the masquerade, to serenade my young mistress,Donna Louisa, I suppose: so! we shall have the old gentleman uppresently.—Lest he should miss his son, I had best lose no time in getting tomy post.

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