The Purcell Papers Volume III.

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Being a Ninth Extract from the Legacy of the late FrancisPurcell, P.P. of Drumcoolagh.JimSulivan was a dacent, honest boy as you'd find in the seven parishes, an' hewas a beautiful singer, an' an illegant dancer intirely, an' a mighty plisantboy in himself; but he had the divil's bad luck, for he married for love, an'av coorse he niver had an asy minute afther.
Nell Gorman was the girl he fancied,an' a beautiful slip of a girl she was, jist twinty to the minute when hemarried her. She was as round an' as complate in all her shapes as a firkin,you'd think, an' her two cheeks was as fat an' as red, it id open your heartto look at them.
But beauty is not the thing allthrough, an' as beautiful as she was she had the divil's tongue, an' thedivil's timper, an' the divil's behaviour all out; an' it was impossible forhim to be in the house with her for while you'd count tin without havin' anargymint, an' as sure as she riz an argymint with him she'd hit him a wipe iva skillet or whatever lay next to her hand.
Well, this wasn't at all plasin' toJim Sulivan you may be sure, an' there was scarce a week that his head wasn'tplasthered up, or his back bint double, or his nose swelled as big as apittaty, with the vilence iv her timper, an' his heart was scaldedeverlastin'ly with her tongue; so he had no pace or quietness in body or soulat all at all, with the way she was goin' an.

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