The Tenants of Malory Volume 3 of 3

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"There's some 'Old Tom,' isn't there? Get it, and glasses and coldwater, here," said Cleve to his servant, who, patient, polite, sleepy,awaited his master. "You used to like it—and here are cigars;" andhe shook out a shower upon his drawing-room table cover. "And where didyou want to go at this time of night?"
"To Wright's, to see the end ofthe great game of billiards—Seller and Culverin, you know; I've two pounds onit."
"I don't care if I go with you,just now. What's this?—When the devil did this come?" Cleve had pickedup and at one pale glance read a little note that lay on the table; and thenhe repeated coolly enough—
"I say, when did thiscome?"
"Before one, sir, I think,"said Shepperd.
"Get me my coat," andShepperd disappeared.
"Pestered to death," hesaid, moodily. "See, you have got the things here, and cigars. I shan'tbe five minutes away. If I'm longer, don't wait for me; but finish thisfirst."

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