The Watcher and other weird stories

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It is now more thanfifty years since the occurrences which I am about to relate caused a strangesensation in the gay society of Dublin. The fashionable world, however, is norecorder of traditions; the memory of selfishness seldom reaches far; and theevents which occasionally disturb the polite monotony of its pleasant andheartless progress, however stamped with the characters of misery and horror,scarcely outlive the gossip of a season, and (except, perhaps, in theremembrance of a few more directly interested in the consequences of thecatastrophe) are in a little time lost to the recollection of all. Theappetite for scandal, or for horror, has been sated; the incident can yieldno more of interest or novelty; curiosity, frustrated by impenetrablemystery, gives over the pursuit in despair; the tale has ceased to be new,grows stale and flat; and so, in a few years, inquiry subsides intoindifference.

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