Thousand Faces of Love

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My first book istitled ’Thousand faces of love.’ Back in 2013, one night I had a dream,visualizing one picture, one single moment – the other day I started to writethe story. Oftentimes, phrases have been flowing out of me like a river – Icould barely control the flow – however, I somehow managed to create thisbook. Our entire lives are filled with love. Love can catch us anywhere andanytime with thousand different faces. Katy Stevens is on the verge of thebiggest opportunity of her life: as an actress, she has just been casted tothe leading role of her dreams. She cannot believe that all of this happenedto her. As she realizes that her partner on the scene was going to be playedby Robert Thomas, an idol to millions of women including her, she gets evenmore excited about the shooting of the movie. Will she be able to prove hertalent and to become successful in a leading role at such a young age? Howcould she possibly be working together with this phenomenal actor to be anequal partner to him? Katy has her mind filled with a variety of similardoubts, although while shooting, it becomes crystal clear that Rob is notonly interested in her as an actress but as a woman as well. This situationbrings up even more questions. How can these two with totally differentsocial backgrounds and nationalities to live happily ever after? Do they evenget a chance in life to be together as a couple? TRANSLATOR: TÜNDE GYURICKYThe translation was based on K. M. Smith: A szerelem ezer arca was publishedin 2014 by the Publio Publisher.

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