Tommy and Grizel

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O.P. Pym, thecolossal Pym, that vast and rolling figure, who never knew what he was towrite about until he dipped grandly, an author in such demand that on thefoggy evening which starts our story his publishers have had his bootsremoved lest he slip thoughtlessly round the corner before his work is done,as was the great man's way—shall we begin with him, or with Tommy, who hasjust arrived in London, carrying his little box and leading a lady by thehand? It was Pym, as we are about to see, who in the beginning held Tommy upto the public gaze, Pym who first noticed his remarkable indifference tofemale society, Pym who gave him——But alack! does no one remember Pym forhimself? Is the king of the Penny Number already no more than a button thatonce upon a time kept Tommy's person together? And we are at the night whenthey first met! Let us hasten into Marylebone before little Tommy arrives andPym is swallowed like an oyster.

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